Business Succession Tokenization

Meet The Btoring Team

We Are Btoring Ми Біторiнг 弊社では WIR SIND BTORING Prowadzimy Btoring
We Are Btoring Ми Біторiнг 弊社では WIR SIND BTORING Prowadzimy Btoring

Building The Future You Envision

Btoring is a brave and bold project designed to help everyday people, business owners, and investors achieve the futures they envision for themselves by removing the burdensome barriers of traditional financing models. We're creating a new unshakable foundation for the way people secure capital and invest their funds, all powered by the agility and potential of blockchain technology. We also believe that today’s business owners deserve to have more power over the legacies they leave. With this in mind, we’re building innovative systems that empower business owners to tokenize their companies, giving more opportunities to access a wider range of potential buyers and investors so leaders can make the best decisions for the succession of their businesses. We are Btoring. A next-generation financial platform shaping the capital markets of the future. And we’re excited to have you as part of that future.

Who We Are

Blocktoring is not just a start-up but a collection of visions and experiences of each of us. A multidisciplinary team combining academics, self-taught people, as well as different career backgrounds and cultures, all interlinked through the passion and believe in the strength of the Blockchain technology. With the new technologies of today there should not be any limits.

Laura Nydegger

Laura’s curiosity and passion for the possibilities of new technology led her to Btoring, where she aspires to create links between the traditional corporate and emerging decentralized worlds.

Richard Kabore

From a professional artistic journey of performing arts to a self-educated entrepreneur, Richard has used his frustrations as a business owner to implement business change through the blockchain.

Youssef Chahb

Youssef’s various experiences have led him to live in many different places from America to Asia and now in Switzerland. They have profoundly shaped his perspective on how to look at the world and the challenges and fueled his passion to provide concrete solutions through the Blockchain.

Naim Rustemi

Naim is our real estate specialist with experience in various areas of the real estate industry. His vast know-how, entrepreneurial mindset, linked to his interest in creating efficiency and opportunity through new business areas makes him a perfect fit for us.

Simon Bowles

Simon’s years of Trading and Financial Background soon brought him to fully focus on his passion the blockchain technology and Token and sharing his know-how as an Advisor and Tutor at Oxford University.

Alexandr Prylipko

Alexandr’s passion for all things computer science started at a young age, eventually translating to a degree in web development. Today, he imagines new possibilities for outdated business processes.

Artem Marchenko

Artem has translated his passion for design to design on the blockchain, shifting his focus to creating high-impact visuals for cryptocurrencies and NFTs.