Crypto Debit Card

Debit Card

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Transform the way you do business with the debit card that offers ultimate stability and flexibility. Turn your crypto into stablecoin that can then be used to make purchases anytime, anywhere. But converting your crypto into stablecoin and loading it to your debit card, you can enjoy a predictable value for your crypto assets and avoid the volatility of markets. The Btoring debit card gives you the power to spend digital currency in physical and online locations, boosting your spending power.

How It Works

The Btoring debit card works like a regular card and can be used where debit cards are accepted. Withdraw funds from an ATM, pay your online subscriptions, book your hotel, buy a plane ticket and more—all fuelled by crypto.

Options Designed for Your Specific Needs

We offer three card options with special features designed for your specific needs

  • Basic Card, designed for everyone’s use
  • Company Business Card
  • Entrepreneur Card

A Card Built to Benefit You

The Btoring debit card doesn’t just empower you to spend money, it’s designed to save and make you money, too.

  • Access to BTOR token credits, enabling you to participate in liquidity pools
  • Holding 200 Swiss Francs worth of BTOR Tokens worth for a month translates to lucrative bonuses--the higher the amount, the higher the reward
  • Recover 100% of your transaction fees every time you use it. At the end of each month, you will get back the full amount of transaction fees in BTORING TOKEN (BTOR).