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Who we are?

BLOCKTORING is not just a start-up but a collection of visions and experiences of each of us. A multidisciplinary team combining academics, self-taught people, as well as different career backgrounds and cultures, but at the same time everything brings us back to one point: the Blockchain technology.
With the different technologies of today there are no limits. Our aim is, no matter where you are located, to give you: the successors, investors and companies, the opportunity to achieve your goal.

Selling your company to the successor of your choice, is no longer a dream. Investing with small amounts or large amounts is no longer a dream. Investing from anywhere is no longer a dream.

BTORING –  One-Stop-Shop where everything becomes possible…

Laura Nydegger

Giorgio Alessandro Motta

Richard Kabore

Simon Bowles

Simon Bowles

Alexandr Prylipko

Alexandr Prylipko

Artem Marchenko

Youssef Chahb

Naim Rustemi


Business Succession

Plan the succession of your company without haste, choose your successor whether the person has capital or not.
No compromise for family businesses. Give your successor the chance to take over your business without debt.
Thanks to the Blockchain choose the way that suits you.

Business capital

Choose your debt out of interest, not obligation. Expand your business whenever you want, give your employees the opportunity to invest in your business and let them become partial owners. Have capital wherever you are, no borders, no limits – let your entrepreneurial vision run free…

Blocktoring service crypto credit

Crypto credit

With our Btoring debit card, turn your cryptos into Stablecoins. Spend your digital currency online or physically. Spend your dividends or keep them. The choice is yours…

Real estate

Giving families the opportunity to buy a villa or a flat with little or no credit. You have found a buyer for your property, no more need for a bank unless you want to.
You are a real estate broker and want to sell your property? You want capital to start a new construction project? Thanks to Tokenization it is possible.
As an investor you can already become a co-owner of a flat with as little as $100 or of a building in Switzerland from anywhere in the world.


One-Stop-Shop as it has been well defined, an environment where everything becomes possible:
Invest, buy digital currency, receive, send, transform your Stablecoins, fast transactions with minimal fees, with Btoring DAPP this becomes accessible to everyone.


The volatility of the crypto market can be a problem for many financial products, thus the Blockchain community created the stablecoins. Stable coins manage to bring a sense of stability in the world of crypto as they are pegged/backed by another asset. This asset can be backed by:

  • FIAT currency (USDC)
  • Precious metals (DIGIX)
  • Algorithmic (AMPLEFORTH)
  • Crypto (DAI)

Btoring Token / Stablecoin CHFBT aims to create a secure mean of economic value pegged to the Swiss Franc that can be used for:

  • Staking
  • Financing
  • Trading
  • Payments
  • Dividends

Currently, it is still in its early phase of development, as well as the Btoring Governance Token that will run in parallel, and further description on how both of them will be minted/created, and the supply circulation will be provided at a later stage.

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Blockchain tokenization allows to represent a real-world asset in a digital world with the correspondent value. Tokenization for a company means that it allows the company to transfer ownership and value to multiple individuals with minimal effort.

Businesses that want to obtain funds to expand their business or employees that would like to buy their company can easily access a new way to raise funds.

For example: buying new equipment, improving the supply chain, developing new markets, new technologies, etc. As well as companies that want to tokenise their business internally with their employees.


Join the future of SMEs Tokenization and Succession

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Blocktoring How it works


become a partner

You are a real estate agent, a business broker, a digital law firm, a blockchain specialist etc.

Then you are at the right place:

    Btoring road map

    • (Seed) Fundraising
    • website launch
    • Definition of Tokenomics
    • Legal Framework
    Q1 2022
    Release 2
    • Btoring credit card
    • Order book exchange / Marketplace
    • Real Estate Tokenization
    • Further Country/Market Expansion for investing
    Q3-Q4 2022
    Release 4
    • Btoring multi crypto wallet
    • Further Country/Market Expansion for Equity Tokenization and Investment
    Q2 – 2023
    Q2 2022
    • Development and Release 1
      (MVP) –Proof of Concept:
    • Marketing Campaign:  Influencers
    • Launch of Btoring Token
    Q1 – 2023
    Release 3
    • Further Country/Market Expansion for Equity Tokenization and Investment